This is Shiro. He is 7 months old.

His eyes are bright blue. When he left his carrier, the day he arrived, the first thing he did was smell my hands. And then beg for pets. He’s extremely needy and loves belly rubs.

At night, he loves to snuggle next to my legs and will only get up if I force him to. He’s the first to try to jump on to my lap whenever I sit down, usually when I’m having my morning coffee or when I’m playing the piano.

He looks bigger than his brother, but the scale says he weights a bit less. He’s the one that’ll steal most of the food if it’s left out in the open. He loves to grab plastic bags with his teeth and bring them to my room. Especially if the bag happens to have bread inside it.

Whenever I’m in my bedroom standing up, he’ll sit at the border of my bed and stretch his paws at me, trying to get my attention. He loves to be held tightly and would be quite happy to spend all day sleeping in my lap.

He’s easier to handle. Cutting his nails isn’t difficult. He also behaves very well at the vet. His tail is his brother’s favorite toy, but he’s also often the one to initiate playtime.

He’ll do things mostly only if his brother has also done it before. He’ll lay down on the bed I bought for them only if his brother is already there. He learned to use the scratch post and the litterbox by watching his brother.

He has never seemed curious about the outside. I bought him a bright red collar and wrote my address and phone number on it – just in case.

One of my friends calls him the “penguin”, due to the spot on his nose. He loves new people and has fallen in love with most of my friends that have come visit them.

This is Shiro. He’s 7 months old. And I love him.

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