This is Kuro. He is 7 months old.

His eyes are a bright yellow. He was the first to get out of the carrier when I brought them to my house the first day. The first thing he did was smell every corner in the kitchen. He’s incredibly restless. He was the first to understand where the food was stored, the first to use the litterbox and the first to scratch his nails in the scratch post I got for them.

He seems to be the slimmest, but he weighs more than his brother, according to the scale. He loves pets, but doesn’t beg for them. He used to dislike being held tightly, but has grown accustomed to it – mainly because I can’t stop doing it. Cutting his nails is a challenge. The vet needs to call for a helper every time I take him there for vaccines or other check ups.

He was the first to use the bed I bought for them, and he’s definitely the one who uses it most. He loves jumping on my shoulders when I’m having my morning coffee, when I’m brushing my teeth, and when I’m playing the piano. He’s taught his brother to do it too.

He’s extremely curious. When opening the front door, we need to be extra careful or else he’ll jolt away in a flash, and then I need to spend 10 minutes chasing him up and down my building’s stairs. I bought him a bright orange collar with reflective tape and wrote my address and phone number in the back. I’m quite certain one day he’ll manage to escape to the street.

At night, when I go to bed, he’s the first to come snuggle with me, always beneath the sheets and as close to me as possible. But then, at around 4 am, he decides everyone has had enough sleep and starts messing around with noisy stuff in my bedroom. He’s a huge fan of furniture parkour. His usual route in my bedroom at 4 am is: chair -> chest of drawers -> desk -> closet -> bookcase, and back again.

One of my friends calls him the “bad boy” of the house. He’s broken two glasses and a little statue that was on the entrance hall. When we hear a strange noise in the house, 95% of the time it’s him.

He has a deep fascination with cotton swabs. He’s found where they’re kept and every once in a while gets one out and completely destroys the cotton part of it. He has also found my chest set and decided that a few pieces are for him to play with. He’ll pick them up with his mouth and bring them to the floor. I usually step on them when barefoot in the middle of the night.

This is Kuro. He is 7 months old. And I love him.

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