A day at another beach

Now that summer is ending, I thought I should reminisce about the only day that I went to the beach to do stuff that people usually do at the beach: lay around in the sun, play volleyball, go for a swim in the ocean, annoy the people around me with my incessant playing of the ukulele… wait, other people don’t do that? Weird.

I went to a beach near Lisbon (during the weekend I spent there) in Costa da Caparica and, to celebrate my first day at the beach in around 3 years (besides that other time, which was only to take pictures), I had some fun with Zoe.




If I’m being honest, I’m not a huge fan of the beach. I don’t like being under the sun for more than an hour, as I get sunburned really easily, so I need to keep applying sunscreen or just give up and go to the shade (which I always eventually do). The sea is the only redeeming quality and even then, only if it’s calm – I don’t like big waves ever since I was “attacked” by one when I was very little. I must confess I only went to the beach because my friends were dying to go and I had gone to Lisbon to be with them, so I made an effort to try to enjoy it. I didn’t adore it, but I also didn’t hate it – the company got me through it. And my ukulele.


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