Streets of Porto #1

First ventures in street photography in downtown Porto, Portugal







Taken with Zoe, my Zenit TTL

This will be the first of (probably) many posts with photographs of the streets of Porto. Which is understandable, I believe, as I live here. These photos are from the first roll I completely dedicated to street photography. Taking photos of buildings and streets with barely no people isn’t that difficult – the hard part is trying to take a photo that hasn’t been taken thousands of times before by other photographers. Can’t say I’m quite there yet.

Regarding people, although I’m still a bit shy when it comes to taking photos of strangers, one of the good things about doing it in a heavily touristic part of town (downtown Porto) is that no one bats an eye at a person with a camera strapped to their neck. And so far, no one’s batted an eye at being photographed either. Some people ignore me, while others seem actually happy that I’m photographing them. Which has made me a lot more corageous in these small walks around town with Zoe.


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