Porto beer fest

A great evening spent at Porto Beer Fest, in Palácio de Cristal, with Zoe.





I tried a few beers (the ones on the cheap side), took some photographs and had a great time with friends (and even met new people). After taking a few photos of the venue and the local wild life, I decided to try a new thing (for me): taking photos of strangers without asking for permission. I figured that people might be open to being photographed in an event like this.

AA020Aa (2)

Most photos didn’t work out that well, as I was still pretty nervous and only photographed from where I was sitting with my friends. Yet, I think this one came out alright – I love the fact that they seem like mother and daughter and their clothes match. And the best part was that no one noticed I was photographing them (or, if they did, I didn’t notice that they noticed). Overall, I think after this day I’ve become a lot bolder when taking pictures of strangers. Somewhere in the future, I’ll do a post entirely about photographing strangers, in what I guess is called street photography. Until then, as usual… have fun!


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