A day at the beach

A few hours at the beach (in Matosinhos, Portugal) on a sunny but windy day, with Zoe.





I know these are a bit overexposed. I didn’t know sand reflects light so much. Also, these are part of the first roll of film I shot with Zoe after I found her in the attic where she’d been for almost 15 years. I am still learning about how to set the correct exposure, and learning with film is a bit more difficult, as you only see the results after you develop each roll – and by then you’ve forgotten what settings you used in each photo. At the advice of a family friend, I’ve started carrying a little notebook with me, where I write about each photo I take with Zoe: the lighting conditions and her settings (shutter speed, aperture, ISO). I hope this will let me understand more about the correct exposure and how to get it. However, even overexposed, for some reason, I kind of like how these pictures turned out. They remind me of those awfully bright days where you almost can’t keep your eyes open because there’s so much light everywhere. I guess, sometimes, a bad photograph can evoke the right feelings.


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