There’s a first time for everything

My first post could be an introduction to this blog, an explanation of why I’ve started it, or even a long post about me. However, when I decide to do something, I like to dive right in, so I’ll use the first post in this blog to show you the first time I tried to sew something.

I needed a bag to store my growing collection of Dungeons & Dragons dice and didn’t like the ones being sold at my local game store. I went to the wise teacher that is the Internet and asked it “how to sew dice bag”. I found a very informative (and funny) youtube video that I watched around 32 times before and while sewing the bag.

I used a friend’s hand-me-down powerpuff girls sweater as fabric and some old shoelaces for the strings. If you know a little about sewing, you may notice the terrible stitch (I don’t have a sewing machine) or the squares’ uneven edges, but it works surprisingly well and the bag hasn’t failed me yet. It now holds the smaller drawstring bags that actually hold my dice.



Open (above) and closed (below)


Even though it took me around 10 hours to finish this (I know!!!), I had a lot of fun, and decided to sew other dice bags, for friends and for the future dice I was thinking of buying (you can never have too many dice). And it was by sharing online the products of this new hobby, and the positive response they got, that I thought about making a whole blog about the little things that come out of all my creative hobbies: sewing, photography,  and music.

In my next post, I’ll show you a similar, though smaller, drawstring dice bag, made specifically for my Dungeons & Dragons character, Luna. Until then, I encourage you to do two things: 1) If you don’t already, play Dungeons & Dragons. Go to your local game store, or roll20 if your city doesn’t have one, and try it. It’s amazingly fun, I promise. 2) When you get addicted to the game and to the passion that is collecting dice, try to sew your own dice bag. Just follow the youtube video I watched – trust me, if I can do it, so can you. Have fun!

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